Accelerating innovation




You need to be aware of what is happening in your sector,
understand the business models of various other sectors,
dialogue and interact with key innovation players and obtain all necessary information
so as to anticipate and drive through changes in your market.

The L’Atelier Observatory


We spot and analyse the salient facts, build up a clear picture and identify trends
and cross-sector best practices so as to work out where exactly you could or should be innovating.

Learning Expeditions (LEX)


Trips lasting several days in which our clients experience in-depth immersion in a key innovation environment.
We introduce you to the relevant players and help you find out what is happening in a region of the world which has cutting-edge expertise or is creating the innovations
of tomorrow.



We foster the sharing of knowledge and expertise by inviting leading innovation players to come and talk at our various events about
what they are doing.